ISA - International Stunt Academy Auditions 2015

ISA – International Stunt Academy Auditions 2015

Hi! I’m finally back to writing. From now on I will spend heaps more time making this website how I want it to be:)

Right now I’m working on recruiting people to the International Stunt Academy in Norway. It’s an amazing opportunity for everyone who wants to work in the stunt industry.

You’ll be taken on a fantastic journey we’re you’ll learn fall techniques, parkour, high falls, combat skills, horse stunts, fire stunts, brawl stunts, acting a lot more. You’ll also perform stunt shows and take part in TV- and film productions.

The following link takes you to where you apply for auditions and when you do so, kindly refer to my name, Oda Maria. For now this page is in Norwegian, but we’re currently working on an English version as well.

Stunt Academy Auditions Link:…/1rwi-Tk6PMulVlhaFjyPu1r…/viewform…

Thank you.

Here’s a list of the upcoming auditions:

Oslo March 28th, 11am
Norges Idrettshøgskole
Sognsveien 220, 0863 Oslo.

April 10th 4pm
Konradsbergsgatan 2,
112 59 Stockholm

April 11th, 5 pm
Bäckagårdens Sporthall
Klågerupsvägen 342, 212 36 Malmö

April 12th, 5pm
Valhalla Sportshallar
Valhallagatan, 412 51 Göteborg

April 18th, 11am
ISA Mansion
Martebakken 30, 1533 Moss

Los Angeles
May 15th, 11am





If you have any questions about the academy, don’t hesitate to ask. Contact me and I’ll get back to you.

Oda Maria